BulkSMS Service Provider

If you are looking for the best SMS gateway for bulk SMS services, Bulksmssale is the finest service provider for you. We have served different renowned brands in India and has carved a niche for ourselves by offering high-quality multilingual SMS services to our clients. We offer 24×7 customer support to help you with your marketing efforts, and you can rely on us at any time.

We offer open template services that assure a high level of confidentiality. Also, we are offering multilingual SMS services to reach out to your regional audience. It is the best deal that you cannot ignore. We charge a reasonable price for bulk SMS services and offer exceptional services to our clients.


Avail the Best SMS Gateway of Bulksmssale.com and Enjoy Maximum Returns

As the competition level is rising, all the businesses are now trying their best to keep in touch with their valuable customers. They use the best communication channels for this. But those who have a low budget, how they can stay connected with their customers? There is nothing better than bulk SMS.

We, at Bulksmssale.com, offer our customers the best chances to get in touch with massive audiences with our bulk SMS services. Besides, we bring you a well-designed SMS Gateway, which has made it quite easy to send thousands of SMSs at a single time.

Bulksmssale.com combines all the advanced technology and features in its messaging platform so that you can enjoy maximum return on your investment. Here are some features of our unique bulk SMS Gateway.


(1) With a user-friendly interface, it is quite easy to use. The platform is powered by JQUERY, HTML 5, and AJAX.
(2) The SMS Gateway comes with an in-built database and a tool to generate random numbers.
(3) Supports multi-language messages.
(4) Based on your requirements, you can choose messaging routes.

Dynamic Messaging

Through our dynamic messaging services, you can now send customized or personalized promotional messages to your customers. Just upload the contact list, type your messages, and hit on send. That’s it.

Message Delivery Reports

On our SMS Gateway, you can get a 100 percent transparent and genuine SMS delivery report. The gateway has:

(1) High-quality delivery mechanism with resends options.
(2) An Effective queue management tool to maintain smooth operation.
(3) Multiple operator connectivity helps in maintaining an uninterrupted message sending process.
(4) Let’s export the report to CSV sheet or text file.

Scheduled Messaging

We have included a schedule message option through which you can schedule all your promotional messages to be sent on different dates and times.

SMS Campaign

– Begin your bulk SMS campaign straight from our SMS Gateway with just a single click.
– You can now start your SMS gateway campaign from the registered number and start sending SMSs instantly.
– Get your SMS marketing campaign report through SMS.

Massive Network Connectivity

With our well-developed SMS Gateway, you will enjoy enormous network coverage as we have partnered with all the leading mobile network operators. The intelligent and advanced routing technology ensures minimal or zeroes downtime.

Our APIs let you employ our system with your current system without going through any modifications. Just install it, and you are ready to go. Get in touch with Bulksmssale.com now and explore more about our fantastic messaging gateway.