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9 Bulk SMS Marketing Statistics You Need To Know About

11 March

9 Bulk SMS Marketing Statistics You Need To Know About

The continuous increase of mobile subscribers and mobile app -based companies in the world has opened the big door of immense opportunity for business growth and development. As the number of subscribers is increasing, the Bulk SMS marketing tools are also getting more effective and accurate with the maximum number of result orientation.

We are not saying anything but presenting some recent nail-biting stats in favour of Bulk SMS service and marketing strategy which automatically will make you fall in love with Bulk SMS.

1.As compared to other marketing channels and tools, Bulk SMS marketing has the highest view rates or you can say open rates. It has almost 93% open ratio, it means out of 100 people almost 93 people check their messages definitely.

2. Almost 96% of the people see their mobile within 3 mins of SMS delivery. It means they are quite conscious and continuously checking their notifications and alerts as the mobile text SMS service has become their primary source of quick information related to premium/booking/instalments/fee payment/bank transactions and many more. So, targeting your customer via Bulk SMS service cane game changer.

3. The Bulk SMS marketing services have a vast variety of services like 2 way messaging. 45% of people like to interact with the brand after they receive SMS from the company. So the 2way messaging can be a potential lead source for the businesses as it allows them to engage with their customers and reply to them in real-time ensuring enhanced customer engagement.

4. According to a survey, there are almost 60% of businesses still not using the Bulk SMS easy tools. So, here are your chances to overtake your competition and take advantage of upcoming brand new google RCS Messaging services.

5.Almost 730 million Indians send and receive text SMS. Don’t you think it’s a big number and to go behind for all your leads and deals. Though the population of India may be a problem somewhere, in the messaging industry it’s a pure blessing in disguise.

6.Almost 72% of consumers believe that text messaging was good for them to interact effectively with businesses and companies.

7.Bulk Sms marketing has a higher response ratio as almost 30% of the people who receive sms respond and almost 50% of the responders are likely to make a purchase. So, the ROI in Bulk Sms marketing is unbeatable

8.A report says that the coupon code sent via text sms is 12 times more redeemed than any medium. So, these coupons not only give some value to customers but also make loyal customer engagement.

9.23 billion sms are being sent worldwide every day i.e. almost 266203 sms every second. Can’t you simply say wow?


We understand the numbers and as the numbers suggest that the Bulk Sms marketing services are widely used having a better response ratio as compared to any other medium. Multiple varieties of products like Bulk Sms/2 way messaging/shortcode/long code/multimedia sms and many more are making this marketing tool a weapon like never before.

Still most of the companies not taking full advantage of this medium and you can grab your chance as the first mover is always a fast mover.

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